Great, testimony for the Dialogue In Humanity In Ethiopia in Dire Dawa


Azeb Yusuf Biography: 


Azeb, a former refugee from Ethiopia, has emerged as a fervent advocate for refugees, with a particular focus on the well-being of women and girls. She fearlessly engages with officials such as Mayor Sylvester Turner, District J Council Member Edward Pollard, and others, steadfastly championing the causes of improved healthcare, culturally-sensitive mental health services, social support systems, and enhanced access to employment and housing.


Her humanitarian impact extends not only locally in Houston but also on an international scale. Azeb has long served as a spokesperson for women and ethnic minority communities, drawing from her own experiences to navigate the complexities of the United States system.


Azeb's tenacity and resilience make her a vital figure within the ethnic minority community. She's a determined go-getter who refuses to accept defeat, consistently pushing for solutions to any challenge she encounters. Her strength, open-mindedness, and warm smile serve as an inspiration to many.


Azeb's resourcefulness and unwavering commitment to serving underserved communities are evident in her work. She doesn't accept "no" as an answer and is determined to accomplish any task at hand, no matter how daunting.


With a background as a licensed community health worker and a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from Texas Southern University, Azeb boasts several years of experience across diverse healthcare sectors in the greater Houston community.


Azeb eagerly anticipates her new role as CEO/Founder of Multicultural Strategies for Health, where her focus will revolve around Community Engagement, Health Education, and Clinical Research.