Dawit Tsige, artiste chanteur éthiopien sera présent à Paris, le 13 janvier 2024


Dawit Tsige, renowned Ethiopian artist, distinguished himself with his hit album “Yene Zema”, whose tracks reached millions of views on digital platforms. His exceptional talent lies in his ability to harmoniously fuse tradition and modernity, thus captivating a vast international audience. Dawit Tsige is preparing a European tour, scheduled from December 13, 2023 to January 17, 2024, with a highly anticipated performance in Paris on January 13, 2024. From now on, you can book by email the Association France Ethiopia Corne


we give you the address of the concert venue on January 13, 2024

Salon Sabrina3 Maïssa
42, chemin des Fourches - 93380 Pierrefitte